Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Got Sketch Layouts

Here are some more layouts I created.

Sketch 3 - This is my nephew Adrian and he has such a cute sincere smile.

Sketch 5 - I had fun with this one. My layouts are usually pretty simple and plain. I loved adding all the embellishments on this one. ( I skipped sketch 4 because it's a two page spread and I still have to choose pictures for it.)

Sketch 6 - Turned out cuter than I originally thought it would.

Anyway, forgive the distortions, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to photograph the layouts.

By the way, Heroes was fantastic! It was action packed and intriguing. I used to hate Sylar but now I think he's an awesome character. Such a dark and mysterious villian. They really can't get rid of him. One thing I do think the writers need to research though... last season they showed the twins leaving the Dominican Republic. However, during the premier she mentioned she came from South America. The Dominican Republic is in the Carribean not South America. Will she be eating tacos and enchiladas next?

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Louisette said...

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Aknailly said...


Sisi said...

Adrian love it, he was wondering where was his Scrap, he saw Kaitlyn's and he was like UHMMM I am older jaja, LOVE YOU TIA miss you laterssssssss