Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes Premier Tonight

I was a big fan of the first season of Heroes and couldn't wait for the second; but the second season left me very disappointed. The new "heroes" did not impress me at all (especially the twins with the sister that cried some kind of black muck and killed people this way. --Huh? -- But I guess she will be back this season also because they only killed off her brother on the last.) Their storylines were lackluster and dragged on forever, never getting anywhere. I guess the writers strike didn't help either because they never really finished the season.
Well, hopefully, they've reworked the show because there's a lot to watch this season and I'm not going to give it a chance if it starts sucking after the 3rd episode. I don't have time to waste on a crappy half-assed show.
I'm a tv-aholic and I'm not ashamed. It's an escape from reality and it's fun. I don't know how my DVR is going to handle it all this season. My returning favorite is definitely Pushing Daisies (Oct. 1st). Can't wait.


laverneboese said...

I am sooooo excited about the Heroes Premier tonight!!! Yeah, I have to agree, the girl with the leaky, black-goopy eyeballs was my least favorite "hero". I'm really hoping she disappears this season, hee hee.

Jazzy1972 said...

I love Heroes, I have just watched the first 2 episodes and I love it! Yep goopy eye girl is in it but I can ignore her as I am loving this whole Villains view of things. Jay xx

Aknailly said...

Yeah, Heroes is back, but it's still heading in a direction that doesn't make much sense. Who is this speedster girl? Why is Linderman appearing to Nathan? Why is Nathan's mother into the villains now? What happened to electricity girl? She can't just dissapear. I don't know. I am thinking they need to keep a my interest a better way. The last episodes have been goryer than CSI. What's up with that? Is it all about the guts now? Check out my comments on my myspace page. Pushing Daisies did not disappoint though! Super!!