Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Little Blue House - Scrapstashers Anonymous

I'm so excited to share my latest discovery. This wonderful little paper studio opened up right down the street from where I live and they have the most amazing classes! It's called The Little Blue House.

Yesterday I took my first class with them. It's called Scrapstashers Anonymous. Each month they show you a project you can make with your scraps. And what's totally fun is you don't know what you are making until you get there!

Anyway, it was a blast and the time went by too quickly. Once I got home I added the finishing touches and voila! I have this awesome wall art for December. So here's a look at what I made.

Mine came out a lot busier than some of my classmates (which were gorgeous, by the way) but I love it! I couldn't help add more and more and now I just love to stare at it all.

This was so much fun we signed up for the next's month's class. You have to check it out if you are in the area.