Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oprah & Dr. Oz Strike Out on Beauty Tips

This week's Oprah Show with Dr. Oz was a huge disappointment for me. For a week the commercials led me to believe that we would learn about new and wonderful tips for looking young, and having clearer skin. Well, I was so excited to see this episode that I made sure I would have uninterrupted time to watch it. However that excitement ended after about 15 minutes into the show.
Most of the hour was spent looking at audience members skin through a Visia Skin Analysis System. Not only was that boring, but showing the Visia did not accomplish anything other than show us the damage that was already there and supposedly is going to surface in the future. That was all well and good to demonstrate once, but over and over....booooring! They were so busy analyzing the ladies' skin for 10 minutes or so and not telling us the solutions or tips needed to correct the problem. So he gave some tips on using vitamins and antioxidants and niacin, so what! That's nothing new. His last tip was to see a dermatologist for other treatments. Whatever! Do you know how much it costs just to have the analysis done with that stupid machine?! Let alone the office appointment and the prescription meds. And most of it is not even covered by insurance! In this economy, not very practical.

Another loser part of the show was the lady with acne. My word, has that lady been living under a rock or something? Did you see her beauty routine?! She is 40 years old and uses hand soap to wash her face with a body puff and uses neosporin and ponds heavy cream to moisturize her skin! I was, as the English say, gobsmacked! Why in the world would you use that stuff on your face with all the acne products and information in the marketplace today? She was causing her own acne! As a lifelong acne sufferer myself, I was totally insulted by her ignorance and the fact that they would show her as an example to the millions of acne suffers out there. Being a skin care specialist I would not insult my clients in that manner. I would assume they were intelligent and knowledgeable about most of the options out there today. Needless to say Dr. Oz did not offer any advice on how to treat it. Another let down.

The only applause I give the show is Paula Begoun. I have her book and check out her website Beautypedia and suggest you do the same. There is more useful information there.

A final note: I love Dr. Oz and love watching him on Oprah. I have learned so much about health and our bodies from him. I just hope he doesn't disappoint us like this again.


My take on small things said...

Did you see the email I sent you? It was about the tips Paula gave on the show. That was the only thing useful too I thought. Well, besides the vitamins, I didn't know about the Niacin.
I had the same reactions with the Acne lady!! Boy what a butt-head she is!! But I guess they just do these type of shows for people like her who don't even read a magazine!!

Anonymous said...

Most of the docs I know include the VISIA as part of the initial consultation at no add'l charge.