Monday, November 24, 2008

New Cell Phone

I don't have anything craft related to post because I've been busy getting acquainted with my new cell phone. The Palm Centro. Got if for free at Best Buy last week. Yaaay for Free stuff! So far I love this baby even though there is a learning curve and I've never used a phone with so many features before so, yes, I am catching up with new phone technology here.
I also found out that Pushing Daisies has been cancelled. So sad. It is such a beautiful story and if you loved Amelie you would've loved the Daisies. I am hoping a cable network will pick it up (like USA) because I don't think it should be completely removed from tv just because it did not reach the ratings the networks expect (lousy good for nothings).

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My take on small things said...

Wow! You are up with the times!! I don't even know how to work a regular cell!!
I think that's sort of like the Blackberry. Oh and by the way it's not really "free" cause you have to sign a contract to get it! So they are gonna get their money back with all the fees they charge you. There NO FREE ride in America!!