Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Organizing scrap stuff

I've been busy organizing my supplies. I started with my flowers. They were all over the place and I couldn't remember what I had. So, I sorted them by color and put them in baggies. This was a huge task because all the colors were combined and there are so many. . I'm still trying to figure out where to put the baggies, though - maybe an accordian file?

Organizing is time consuming but as all scrappers know, needs to be done regularly.

I also completed a couple more pages for my niece's book and did the cover. I just need one more page for this book and I'll be done. These two pages were done following a couple of Page Maps by Becky Fleck.

Sisi, I need some journaling info for these school pictures.

This was a layout from the Hall of Fame Kit I purchased from QVC. I created the collage on Foto Fusion and attached it to the right side. I like the way the colors of the layout and the pictures all coordinated quite nicely.

And finally, here is the album cover.

Well, I'm off to watch some tv. I need to watch My Own Worst Enemy from last night and Two and 1/2 Men.


laverneboese said...

Your album cover is beautiful....and I love all the colors in your layouts. Don't you just love that Pagemaps book?...so full of inspiration and great sketches. And don't get me started on organizing my supplies--it's an ongoing experience...

My take on small things said...

The album cover is nice. Is that from the black and white pics I took of Kaitlyn when she was a baby? Looks like it.
Sisi will not read that message I don't think she goes on your blog.
Well good job with all those!

Sisi said...

Hey here I am, I go to your blog all the time. The book For Kaitlyn looks amazing its so beautiful thank God for cool aunts!!! Love you !!!!!!