Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garage Sales & Michael's Event

I'm sooo tired.

I decided (along with my neighbor) to have a garage sale this weekend. Haven't had one in years so I was overdue. But, is it just me or do garage sales seem to be more trouble than they are worth? Don't get me wrong...I love the extra cash a garage sale can bring, but sometimes I feel like I'm just giving things away so why not just donate it?

People seem to want things for next to nothing. You think you're giving them a great deal because you know the value of most of these things in the retail market and even though it's never been used or is hardly used and you've already lost your ass on it, it's still not enough of a discount for some. I tell you, you cannot wear your heart on your sleeve when you have a garage sale. Garage salers are strictly out for the bargain. Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

So, then, what do you do with the extra cash? Why go to Michael's, of course! I mostly went because the Michael's in Hurst, TX had a grand re-opening event. They completely remodelled the store and had lots of scrapbooking events. They had the cutest make and takes and Tim Holtz was there. I hadn't had the priviledge to see him in person until now and it was a blast. Too bad I forgot my camera (ugh!). He presented his grungeboard and distressing inks and stuff. There were so many ladies around him it was a little irritating (just a little). Anyway, at the Ranger make & take table was the cutest Brit (I forgot his name -- goes to show where my mind was) showing us ladies how to make a cute grungeboard butterfly broach. (I'll post pics later).

Then, we also got a cute Slice apron for participating in the Slice make & take. That was a nice surprise and that Slice machine is pretty cool. The new Michael's redo is awesome since it's got tons more scrapbooking than ever before and it's too bad that store is about 20 to 30 minutes from me. But an employee told me all Michael's stores where going to get the same redo (hurray!) this was just one of the first stores to get redesigned. So look for it in your neighborhood soon. Well, I've said enough for one post. I'll post pics tomorrow if I get a chance.

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