Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Review of Card Making with Cricut

After I got Card Making with Cricut by Annie's Attic last month, I couldn't wait to create some of the projects. Well, I finally got a couple of projects done. But it wasn't all easy.
My first project was this cute strawberry card. All in all this was a very easy card to create and the instructions were very clear. My only problem with this card was the strawberry top. For some reason my strawberry top did not cover the strawberry as neatly as shown in the book so I had to re-cut it larger than stated in the book. So, here's my version of the card. I used copper pearls (sorry, they didn't photograph well) instead of white pearls and green wire around the top instead of twine.
This is a very simple and cute card to have in your arsenal ready to go whenever an event comes up.
Now, my second project did not go as well as I would've liked it to. I decided to create this card (Sweet Baby Girl) except mine was going to just say baby so it could be used for either a girl or a boy. Again, I simply followed the instructions and made the first cut. First, it said to cut a 6 inch card of Storybook by pressing shift, accent, blackout, wishtrue and cut . But, as you can see by my picture below, the cut of their completed project picture is not the same as the cut in the Storybook manual. You do not need to press shift for this project but I chose to cut it as instructed anyway. However, it came out way too small, in my opinion. So, I re-cut it at a much larger size. The instructions then said to cut another one in a different color, cut it in half and adhere one half to the front of the first cut. But, I figured since I was using a double sided card there was no need for this step and skipped it. Then, I also had to cut away some of the tails at the top and bottom of the fold because they were too pointy (again, not like the photo). Anyway, I was getting frustrated with this card and the instructions and just wanted to get it completed. So, here is my finished project. I got basically the same results and I used a Spellbinders scalloped die to cut the circle instead.

And, finally, I will say this. This book is full of great and beautiful projects but it seems to me some of the instructions are not very clear or accurate. It would've also been nice if they would've included some step by step pictures for some of the projects and maybe offered some of the designer's tips or tricks they used to achieve the look.
Also, if you are a Cricut beginner, I don't think this book is for you. This is definitely for the seasoned Cricut user and mostly to get ideas rather than try to recreate the cards.
I hope you enjoyed my review of this new book. If you have this book I would love to hear your opinions of it.
Have a great week!

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ThePurplePlace said...

Thanks for some AWESOME Tips! Can you believe that I bought this book months ago and have NOT even made one card yet?? That's terrible!!

But, now after seeing your cards and having learned more about my Cricuts lately, YOU have inspired me to get the book out and make something!!

Thanks CAT!!


PS: I LOVED see your snow pics...not that I don't see snow all winter, but because it's so unusual for you and YOU both looked so HAPPY about it!! :)