Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HOF Grateful Page Kit & Magazines Going Extinct?

Hello, first off I want to post a picture of the Grateful Page Kit by Denise Pauly that was missing from the CK Hall of Fame Kit instructions purchased through QVC. I was able to get an emailed picture from CK and thought I'd share it with those who need it. Hope this helps.

Anyway, the state of the economy is hurting another industry I love. Magazines are disappearing from newstands and that includes a lot of the scrapbooking and craft publications. I came across this interesting article yesterday and it really hit home.

Ever since I could remember, I've loved magazines. There was even a time in my life where I wanted to work for one. I love the glossy pages, the designs, the portability and the beautiful pictures that come along with magazines. I've always loved to read books but there was something about magazines that made me want to read them more often.

Now, I find out that CK Media is in real trouble. So, I'm worried whether Creating Keepsakes will disappear along with Simple Scrapbooks.

Creating Keepsakes was the pioneer of scrapbooking magazines and we still count on them for the latest and greatest in scrapbooking trends. What will the industry look like if they are no longer around?

Will we have to depend on the internet for all of our information? If so, we won't know what's really on trend because the internet is full of scrapbooking blogs and sites that have their own personal style. Manufacturers will be playing the guessing game when they create new products. LSS's and larger craft stores won't know what the scrapper really wants.

I guess we'll have to hope and pray some can survive these harsh economic times. I would sure hate to see the magazine industry disappear.

I don't have anything scrappy to post this time, haven't really been in a crafty mood lately. Maybe next time.

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