Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ugh! So many grays!

Okay, so I've been giving my hair a break and not coloring right now but it's been a horrifying reality check. I'm about 75-85% gray! Talk about a wake up call. I know I'm getting older (late 30s) but this puts it into perspective. Wow!
So, on top of the fact that I have naturally curly, unruly hair, now I have to keep up with my haircolor! Does it ever end?!!


Marty said...

You would look great silver headed... heck, you would even look great bald like me.

ricanlaw said...

Yep seeing the grays hurt. I'm not going to lie to you sister. I say invest the $$ to keep coloring it. Although you are a beautiful woman, depending on the amount of gray, you actually might look good sporting it. Me for now, I don't want to admit I'm middle aged okay.

I'm young at heart sister and in spirit. ;)