Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I hope everyone has a prosperous and wonderful year! It’s time to have some fun again. Yeah!
Oh Lordy! How did this happen? Again!!  My scrap room is a total disaster right now after all the Christmas crafting I did.  Just look…
I don’t understand how I can make such a mess when I  work on Christmas crafts. Every year I do the same thing.  I pull out my Christmas crate and just keep digging things out.  Nothing goes back in – just out.   So, it’s a new year and now, I need to dig in and do some reorganizing of this epic mess. 
For some reason the new year always makes me want to reorganize and just get rid of stuff.  Everywhere. Don’t know why that is.  I guess I just like to de-clutter and start the year off fresh. Today, I already got rid of some unused things from my pantry and did some deep cleaning.  Now, I’m going to tackle this scrap mess.  Wish me luck!
So how do you typically begin the new year?

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lovemypaper said...

Good luck I have to do the same thing!