Friday, November 4, 2011

Important Announcement & DIY Deco Tape

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to announce that I went ahead and changed this blog’s (URL) address to  Please note the change in your readers ( is NO longer active). 

This change not only better reflects the content of the blog but also reflects the title. When I started this blog, I didn’t plan on focusing so much on my crafting and yet, it took over.  Thanks for sticking with me even though I’m not a regular poster. 

Now, on to today’s DIY project. Deco Tape.  I’ve seen some bloggers create their own out of masking tape but mine is made from this stuff called Hinging tape by Lineco.Lineco l5330754 Self Adh Hingng Tape 7/8x150ft I found it at Hobby Lobby on clearance but I believe it’s available online.  Anyway, it’s got a nice fabric-ky texture and is slightly transparent.  And you get 150 ft or 50 yards of the stuff.  It’s also easy to tear and acid-free! So feel free to use in your scrapbooks.

Okay, so on to my finished deco tape.  I colored them with permanent markers (Bics and Sharpies) and stamped them with ink and white paint. 


Now, I have a nice assortment of tapes to use and without having to pay $8 a roll for the stuff. And I still have more than half the roll left!I can also make them as needed, but for now I can use and play with these.

So have you tried making your own deco tape? If not, then get started. It’s quite a relaxing project.





Real Life Reslers said...

I didn't even know this existed! Thank you for sharing!

lovemypaper said...

Oh I'm going to have to try this .FTS