Sunday, April 3, 2011

Woot! - Another Award and Card-a-palooza

 I just received this awesome award from Sandy O at Paper Transformer. Funny thing is she just found me and already thought my blog was worthy of an award.  Wow! That's such a compliment.  Thanks so much Sandy!

So for this award I have to follow these rules:

Thank the person who sent it to you
Tell Us 7 things about yourself
Send/Reward this to 15 bloggers

Okay so here goes, 7 things about me.
  1. I've been scrapping since 1998. However, I have been fascinated by pretty papers, stickers, stamps, coloring and art ever since I was a kid.
  2. I'm very practical.  If it doesn't make sense or is uncomfortable to me, then I won't do it. Such as wearing heels. I'll be an old lady still wearing sneakers.
  3. I'm a total geek wannabe. I love being around very intelligent people. I also love geeky shows like Big Bang Theory and Dr. Who.
  4. I don't have children so it's just me, my DH and my pup Xena. It's not that we can't; it's just another practical decision.
  5. I'm a blog addict.  I think I follow over two hundred blogs via my reader, my favorites, my blog and Flud.  So don't feel bad if you are not listed on my site because I'm still following you somewhere. 
  6. When I'm interested in learning something, I want to absorb everything I can about that subject.  Like scrapbooking; I may just be a walking encyclopedia on the subject. Go ahead, ask me anything.
  7. I am awesome at caulking.  Don't know why or how it happened but let me tell you, I can make the neatest, smoothest caulking line with just my finger. LOL!
So now, I want to award some awesome bloggers that I follow so stop by and visit them:
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  15. But it's a good place to start
 Whew! That was a lot of work! 
So, now I want to update you as to what I'm working on.  I've been making a bunch of cards for a couple of ladies that wanted to by them by the bunch.  So I'm having my own Card-a-palooza! Yeah!  Here's a sneak peek at the ones I've already done.  I'll share more individual pics in the future so stay tuned.  These were made using the cricut, some scraps, old and new supplies, premade card blanks, etc. Basically, a little bit of everything.  Nothing better for making a dent in your stash. 

Until next time! 


Jen@eighteen25 said...

hi cat!! thank you so much for the award. it really means a lot to us!!
jen :)

{sorry it took me so long to get over here.... that was just rude!}

ScrappingLatina said...

Hey girlie... Thanks for the award sweetie... I have neglected my blog over the couple of weeks. Lol.

The cards are awesome... You are on a roll... Keep it up girl..